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Web audio

They've SEEN your web site. Now let them HEAR it!

Web audio together with other Audible Business services give your organization a consistent and professional sound at all of your points of contact.

The benefits of web audio

Our brains have an extraordinary ability to remember sounds. Think about it: you can still sing jingles you heard 20 years ago. Audio can help your company stay in the minds of your customers.

Sound has been an effective tool in radio and TV for years. It’s time to put sound to work on your web site.

Here are some simple ideas

Imagine audio on your web site with:

  • A greeting from your spokesperson.
  • An excerpt from your jingle.
  • A new site feature or product announcement.

If you're interested in Web audio, request a quote or call us at 800-534-7736.

Web audio service rates vary depending on the number of pages you wish to add sound to and whether you want Audible Business or your webmaster to place the audio in your pages.

Listen to some of our audio samples

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