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Entertain, educate, & engage through audio marketing.

In-store messages

When you have customers in your stores, what do they hear?

Audible in-store messaging integrates with your background music and is another important point of contact you have with your customers.

  • Educate shoppers.
  • Reinforce your brand.
  • Making shopping more fun.
  • Increase sales with in-store promotions

Audible In-store rates vary depending on how often you want to update your messages, the number of locations, and how much you wish to customize messages for each location.

Request a quote on-line or call us at 866-428-3425.

Here's what clients are saying

… Each time I have needed to change our script or ask a question, everyone I spoke with was couresous and professional. When I needed to rush a new script and install it quickly, I was ensured it would arrive on schedule and, of course it did!

I have thoroughly enjoyed working with you and your staff and have come to rely on Audible Business and your persistence in giving us great customer service! Thank you, once again, and l look forward to another year of working with you.

Dawn M. Noworyta

Transaction Processing

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