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Use the enclosed screws to mount the RL-7000 on the wall next to your telephone system. Be certain to locate the system so audio, power, and telephone cables can reach the telephone system MOH (Music on Hold) port, a power outlet, and the appropriate telephone line.

What needs to be plugged in?

To complete the installation you must connect the enclosed power cord, audio cable, and telephone wire.

A. Power

Plug the enclosed AC adapter into a power outlet and the 12V DC outlet. The RL-7000 POWER light will turn on either solid or flashing.

B. Audio Cable

Connect the black audio cable to the RL-7000 600 OHM OUT jack and the MOH port on your telephone system. There are a variety of telephone system connection types including female RCA jack, female 1/8" mini jack, and punch block wiring. If you require assistance with identifying the proper place to connect on your telephone system, please call us at 866-428-3425.

Once this connection is complete you should be able to hear your AUDIBLE HOLD message playing on-hold. Call yourself, put yourself on hold and adjust the volume using the UP VOL and DOWN VOL buttons. An ideal volume setting is slightly below conversational levels.

C. Telephone wire

Before you connect the telephone line to the RL-7000 make sure the RL-7000 is in the AUTOMATIC mode. The POWER light should be on and solid. Tap the MODE button once to place the RL-7004 in the AUTOMATIC mode.

There are two common configurations for interfacing your RL-7000 with a telephone line:

  1. I want the RL-7000 to answer my customers calls after hours and deliver the after hours message.

    Use the enclosed RJ-14 phone wire to connect the RL-7000 Phone Line Jack with line 1 (your published business number).

  2. I have an answering machine or voice mail and don�t want the RL-7000 to answer customer calls after hours.

    Use the enclosed RJ-14 phone wire to connect the RL-7000 Phone Line Jack with the last line in your hunt group. Our computer will dial directly into this number when you are closed and download on-hold and after-hours messages.

Test your connection

Once you have selected the appropriate telephone line and connected the RL-7000 to the telephone line, we recommend that you test your connection.

  1. Set the RL-7000 to ALWAYS ANSWER MODE (by tapping the MODE button twice. The POWER light should begin flashing on mostly and off briefly).
  2. Dial the telephone number you have connected to the RL-7000 phone line jack, and the RL-7000 should answer with an after-hours greeting or other audio.

IT DIDN�T WORK. - If the RL-7000 does not answer, verify that you have the system in ALWAYS ANSWER mode (by tapping the MODE button twice), that you have the correct telephone line, and that you have a clean connection to the telephone line.

IT WORKED. - If the RL-7000 answers set it back to AUTOMATIC mode (by tapping the MODE button once) and call us at 866-428-3425 so we can schedule a call to verify the phone number and system settings for your RL-7000 system.

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